There are dozens of photographers in the Atlanta area that would love to get your business – some take some unbelievably beautiful photographs at a premium price and others are figuring out what works best with many things to learn.

Why should you choose me to photograph your listing?

Consistency · Have you ever taken a photograph where all the conditions seemed to be just right and you take an AMAZING image but your other images don’t seem to have that same quality to them? Having studied photography and having an understanding of lighting, angles, and composition; I can replicate a consistent style and quality images again and again. On top of that, I am continually refining my shooting and editing methods to provide well-composed and well-lit images with a quick turn-around.

Professionalism · I understand the business because I’m an agent too! I understand that sellers can delay getting their house cleaned and staged; I understand that miscellaneous things need to be shoved in a closet, cabinet, or laundry room as if no one lives in a home; and I understand the pressures of client expectations and rushing to get a property listed and sold. When your client hires you to sell their home, they expect professionalism and quality. In your client’s eye, how I present myself and my product is an extension of you as a real estate professional.

In an industry saturated with professionals that can provide an identical service or product, what difference does it make who I use?

Experience – the difference is experience. Not the quantity of years I’ve been in business or the number of homes that I’ve photographed. It’s not even the number of listings that have sold because of my photographs (a proper statistic is unrealistic because of so many other variables such as location, price, condition, etc.). What I mean is the experience that you (and even the homeowner) will have with me.

If you’re familiar with the DISC behavioral profile (click here for a short video), where people’s behavior is categorized into four categories, I am a high C and equally as high S. This translates into a conscientious yet steady professional or also analytical, precise, and systematic yet accommodating, patient, and supportive member of your team.

Why does this matter? As a professional, you know what your limitations are (what you know, what you can do, what is worth your time) so you want someone dependable that you can count on to fill in for areas where you lack the expertise or time.

That’s where I come in and provide you with the much needed service as conveniently as possible. Sometimes convenience means taking care of something without you there with me. Being a licensed real estate agent, I have Supra access and can let myself into your listing or if you would rather have me meet the homeowner, I can do that too. I am polite, friendly, and understanding of how hectic things can be for them.

My aim is to make things as convenient and cost efficient as possible for your business yet provide individualized client service for all the extenuating circumstances. Scheduling is a simple form where my availability is listed in a drop-down menu. However, if you have a last-minute, urgent need for photographs, you’re welcome to text, call, or e-mail me. I accept all major credit cards through PayPal or checks/cash in-person. My turn-around is less than 24 hours from the shoot – I upload the photographs to my website for easy viewing and also provide a link for easy downloading of high-resolution images.

All that sounds great, what else should I know?

I’m not the type to demand certain things to streamline my workflow. I’m a relational person that assumes common sense in people. If the home hasn’t been decluttered, those objects will be in the photographs. If you want photographs of the neighborhood swimming pool but don’t tell me, I probably won’t take any. Last minute changes are normal in our industry and your professionalism will extend to you being courteous enough to cancel as soon as you can. If you want to market, print, and even sell the photographs – go for it! Feel free to request the full resolution images if you want to make a billboard with my images.

The best time of day to photograph a house is between 10 am – 3 pm. I know that we love that time of day when the sun is shining perfectly through the windows casting a golden light on everything but all light has its uses. Portrait photographers love the “golden hour” and Rembrandt lighting, forensic photographers love their macro-ringlights, but my ideal lighting is a slightly overcast day where the sun is high and all the lamps are on. Why? A clear sky makes harsh shadows and a low sun changes the temperature of light.

What about staging? Ask the homeowner if they would please pressure wash the sidewalk/driveway, declutter kitchen/bathroom countertops, and ensure that every light fixture has a bright, working lightbulb in it. On the day of the shoot, it will be a good idea for the homeowner to place things like trash cans, large bath towels, animal beds, toys, and other things they don’t want in the photograph in closets, laundry room, or the garage since these rooms aren’t typically photographed.

Finally, I shoot with toilet seats down and blinds open. If you don’t like it, feel free to ask that I do otherwise! 🙂

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